Yesterday’s Exhibition shoot and head shots!

So, yesterday I got to photograph the lovely and talented Sarah Lindblom and her Master Thesis exhibit at the University of Maryland Library.  The exhibit titled At the intersection of Dance and Maryland  will be up until December.

Photographing this space was not an easy task, almost everything in the gallery was reflective.  I got to use my new Canon wireless speedlite system to light the room and with several adjustments I was able to eliminate reflections and glare.  I had a great time lighting this space, it was a true challenge.

Although Sarah and her curator spent a lot of time lighting the gallery I found it to be much easier for me to turn the gallery lights off and use only my off camera flash.  One student came through the gallery while we were shooting and struck up a conversation with me about how he never uses flash and it brought back some fond memories for me.  Me and my photographer friends used to say the same thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I still like to take advantage of natural and available light when it’s possible.  Knowing and understanding how to use lighting is a great asset.

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